This project was done in collaboration with a Swedish furniture company and a team of business, engineering, and design students at Linnaeus University. The task was to find an innovative solution for decluttering the home for people living in a small space. The target demographic are people living an active lifestyle who need to declutter their homes to bring peace of mind. This project is an example of teamwork, where I was part of the entire process of co-creation. We made mind maps, clustered ideas, sketched, created prototypes, and a final working prototype. There was a budget for cost, and sustainability was a key factor in the choice of building material, which are bamboo wood and carton paper. Not only does the workspace organizer declutter the home, its elevated height was considered for ideal sitting posture.
Team members: Ludvig Andersson, Xinchi Dai, Sophie Diers, Amanda Lenko, Vera Vergeer, Anja Zajvalova
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