intro + general approach
Hi! I'm Amanda, an interdisciplinary designer and illustrator from Montreal, Canada, currently based in Växjö, Sweden.

Working with people from different backgrounds is what drives my curiosity and passion for design. I design with a sustainable approach, considering how design can enhance our lives and relationships to the world.

Getting to know my clients' values allows me to set a personable process for our project. I strive to  deliver relevant work that communicates their ideas and values visually.

My specializations are in graphic and UI/UX design, model making, illustration, and painting. In addition I do video editing, screen printing, furniture design, and web design.

My array of experience includes designing and developing online courses for McGill University, working in-house at large corporations, and branding local small businesses. 

I am currently pursuing an MA student in Design+Change at Linnaeus University, exploring sustainable and social design. I've completed my Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Design at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, and a DEC in Graphic design at Dawson College in Montreal, QC.

I speak English, French and Ukrainian fluently, some Polish and some Spanish. I am of Ukrainian descent.

I have a strong interest in architecture, history, and spatial design.
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