CBRE's projects explore urban demographics and trends, exploring the way our city continues to be shaped through its rapid growth. The marketing material includes brochures, invitations, window display design, and architectural renderings. Here is some branding work for CBRE's internal brokerage teams and marketing material for their clients. Clients included Starbucks, Lamarque, CarbonLeo, Four Seasons, QDLM and Pratt & Whitney.
Yeah in Review for CBRE Montreal's  National Investments Team, real estate rentals, Saint-Catherine west
Laval and Rive Nord Novemnder Industrial Property vacancies, transcanadienne warehouses
CBRE cocktail invitation, illustration, networking
Griffintown bike shop rendering Montreal, Quebec property idea, cycling, bikes
illustrations for commercial real estate space, Crescent Street downtown Montreal. Shopping, dentist, grocery food market, Canadian government agency
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