"It starts at home. It starts with you. It starts by learning about healthier alternatives as well as making informed choices for you and your family, not just for the greater good but for your own improved health and well being." -Philippa Settels, environmental consultant

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Montreal Shopping Boroughs
Shop Montreal/ Les Vitrines de Montréal is a publication project that was created with my design team, in collaboration with the CBRE Montreal retail and research teams. Through infographics and maps, we visualized retail demographics showing what attracts consumers and shoppers to each unique neighbourhood within Montreal’s urban landscape.
Canadian National Concrete Canoe & Steel Bridge Comp.
The Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition and Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition bridge the gap between hands on engineering and academics. They challenge students to solve a complex problem using the skills they have learned in the classroom. My main responsibilities on the committee for the 22nd annual Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition, and the first ever Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition (CNSBC) were everything to do with the graphic design. This entailed the branding for the event, in both English and French. The graphics were applied to t-shirts (participants, committee, judges, volunteers), water bottles, pens, binders, stickers, booklets, banners and swag bags. This experience was a great opportunity to be able to collaborate with civil engineers and photographers, exploring different strategies and ways of innovative thinking.
Art Direction, Branding, Engineering
Here is a set of projects I’ve done while working at CBRE, for various brokerage teams in the Québec offices. They include Retail, which connects me with other brands such as Lamarque, Starbucks, Pappa Rotti, Carters, and more; the National Investment Team; the Industrial teams, the National Apartment Team, and the Debt and Structured Finance team just to name a few. Other brokerage projects lead me to create Confidential Memorandums and proposals for clients like Pratt & Whitney, QDLM, and other confidential clients. The projects at CBRE allow me to explore my interest in urban demographics and trends, learning about the way our city continues to be shaped through its rapid growth, and applying CBRE’s branding harmoniously with our clients’. Since I started, I’ve always worked in collaboration with another designer. CBRE allows me to further explore my interest for urban planning and architecture as a designer, applying my skill-set with commercial real estate design and marketing.
Freedom from Violence for Women and Girls
Ethnicity and diversity was the main factor in selecting the models for the poster. The female model has native blood. This is an important factor because research shows that most women who experience abuse from a significant other are native. The male model was chosen due to his ambiguity with his hairstyle so that the poster would be gender neutral. Use of photography was discouraged for this project because of the issue with identity. It would have the potential to ruin the reputation of the models if executed incorrectly. Rather than a barrier, this restriction was taken on as a challenge. With the proper photographic and compositional skills the photographic method delivers the message well without bringing attention to the models’ identities. This person could be a man or a woman and this lends to engagements of multiple audiences (heterosexual as well as homosexual). Little details like blemishes, and most importantly facial hair above the man’s lip were removed. A second concept came in close therefore I chose to pursue it further. Love starts off with lots of affection and through time in an abusive relationship a breakdown in communication is very common and can lead to infliction. The morphing of the letters references the violence in lies. I used a hand rendering technique, which created smudges. These express how hard it can be for a woman to communicate what is happening and her voice can be heard through them. The first poster was used by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, during Women's History Month and won an honourarium.
Graphic Design, Photography, Typography
Colours of Montreal
Architecture, Painting
NHL Chess Set
This NHL chess design presents the Montreal Canadiens playing against the Toronto Maple Leaves. Chess players would typically be in a sports bar setting, probably sharing drinks while watching hockey. The chess board is made of glass to represent ice. Lines on the rink would be plastic pieces inside of the glass. Indentations in the board separate black and white squares. The white ones are embossed into the glass (ice). Chess pieces are also made of coloured glass, with decals of the logos placed on the front of each one. Every chess piece relates with a hockey position, which are embossed into the back of each player like on a sports jersey.When a player is killed off they are benched in the boxes on either side of the ice- benched, as in a real game of hockey. *This is a student project, not an official NHL product, not a Canadiens or Leafs product*
Digital Art, Photography, Product Design
The Housing Project
The Housing Project was an app idea that came about to help students know more about their future landlords. This app allows the user to add a property along with hazards and warnings for others, or merely look up an apartment they are looking at renting to see its history. The story begins with an unfortunate incident that happened to our team member Amanda Lenko last September (2014). She and a few friends and I were out on a third-storey balcony during a party when it collapsed. This resulted in several injuries, ranging in severity, and even left a woman unable to participate in her entire fall semester of school. Lenko landed on her feet, compressing her spine with severe bruises on her legs, and needing a few stitches and punctured a lung. Other injuries included from the others ranged from eight broken ribs, a broken jaw, a sprained ankle, 400+ internal stitches, and lots of cuts and bruises.
Animation, Graphic Design, UI/UX
Watch Design
Being a collector of Swatches, I always thought about designing my own. This design was inspired from my Gatsby branding project. The circular curves and grid of the poster design created a good composition for the face of a watch. *a self-driven student project inspired from swatch, not an official swatch watch*
Drawing, Graphic Design, Product Design
East Coast Colours
Architecture, Painting
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