I’ve designed a luxury craft beer store with a bar where sample tastings take place with a beer expert behind the counter. Canadian Craft Beer Tastings features a different Canadian microbrewery each month. There is an area at the back of the shop where patrons can socialize as they sample their beers. The wood and marble used for the shop are locally sourced materials. 
The model was constructed at a scale of 1:20 by hand, using foam-core for the walls and flooring. I made the furniture out of illustration board, printed out textures, and real wood (twigs and branches I found outside, and popsicle sticks). The pillar at the centre comes from a branch I found on the ground, and the beer bottles were cut out and glues by hand. Some of the illustrations on the wall were made by me, and the others were a cut up business card from Halifax. I made the deer head on the wall with cardstock and twigs. The people in the mockups were edited in, in Photoshop where I also touched up the photographs.
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