This video is the design activism portion of the project. The idea is to project this video on the side of a house. A nice paint job does not fix the problems that may be on the inside of the wall, such as bursting pipes, mold, mice etc...
This is what inspired "The Housing Project". A group of students in Halifax, Nova Scotia recognized this situation could have been avoided had the homeowner taken responsibility to inspect and upkeep the property. Student housing is fraught with dangers due to landlord negligence and many tenants are unaware of their rights and when they are being taken advantage of.
Our hope is The Housing Project can enlighten current (and future) student renters and resolve potential issues before they escalate to what happened with the balcony. Tenants can communicate with each other about both negative and positive experiences they’ve had with properties. The app would give users the ability to post about their property, list its precise problems (mice, mold, exposed wires, etc.) or praises (good neighbourhood, friendly landlord, etc.) and leave comments for other users.

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