Freedom from Violence for Women and Girls

Ethnicity and diversity was the main factor in selecting the models for the poster. The female model has native blood. This is an important factor because research shows that most women who experience abuse from a significant other are native. The male model was chosen due to his ambiguity with his hairstyle so that the poster would be gender neutral. Use of photography was discouraged for this project because of the issue with identity. It would have the potential to ruin the reputation of the models if executed incorrectly. Rather than a barrier, this restriction was taken on as a challenge. With the proper photographic and compositional skills the photographic method delivers the message well without bringing attention to the models’ identities. This person could be a man or a woman and this lends to engagements of multiple audiences (heterosexual as well as homosexual). Little details like blemishes, and most importantly facial hair above the man’s lip were removed. A second concept came in close therefore I chose to pursue it further. Love starts off with lots of affection and through time in an abusive relationship a breakdown in communication is very common and can lead to infliction. The morphing of the letters references the violence in lies. I used a hand rendering technique, which created smudges. These express how hard it can be for a woman to communicate what is happening and her voice can be heard through them. The first poster was used by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, during Women's History Month and won an honourarium.

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