Here is a set of projects I’ve done while working at CBRE, for various brokerage teams in the Québec offices. They include Retail, which connects me with other brands such as Lamarque, Starbucks, Pappa Rotti, Carters, and more; the National Investment Team; the Industrial teams, the National Apartment Team, and the Debt and Structured Finance team just to name a few. Other brokerage projects lead me to create Confidential Memorandums and proposals for clients like Pratt & Whitney, QDLM, and other confidential clients. The projects at CBRE allow me to explore my interest in urban demographics and trends, learning about the way our city continues to be shaped through its rapid growth, and applying CBRE’s branding harmoniously with our clients’. Since I started, I’ve always worked in collaboration with another designer. CBRE allows me to further explore my interest for urban planning and architecture as a designer, applying my skill-set with commercial real estate design and marketing.

an invitation for a cocktail hosted by the National Investment Team in Montreal

The National Investment Team’s Montreal division’s Year in Review flyer. Done in collaboration with
Melly Wells

Industrial Property Availability Report 

April 2016 market survey for Lamarque done for the Retail team

CBRE Christmas party invitation 2015, 1920’s Great Gatsby theme

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