3D Letterforms

The chosen Cyrillic uppercase letter “D” is a geometric, sans serif letter. Although it is represented in a powerful manner for this project it is a low value letter because the idea is that it can me mass-produced quite easily, and its form isn’t very intricate. The design was inspired by soviet propaganda posters, more specifically by the Ukrainians fighting against Russia. It is tied with my Ukrainian heritage. With all the current media attention on Ukraine fighting for their freedom against Russia it is relevant to what people are hearing in the news. A connection is already established. The lowercase, organic serif letter “a” is represented as a high value letter. This Eames Century Modern letter is a detailed 21st century modern block honouring 20th century design principles. The Eames typography follows Charles and Ray Eames’ aesthetic that is also carries into their furniture design. It is a classic typeface that fits in well with contemporary environments with its elegant curves. I chose to have the wood texture show because I want the design to be true to the material, which is also organic.

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